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Especially For You Volunteering!!!15 Nov 2016
On October 1st Linn-Mar FBLA volunteered for Especially for You at General Mills. Packaging and loading goodie bags for the Especially for You race. Filled with cereal, fruits snacks and frosting.

Find Out More !21 Aug 2016
Please join us for one of the informational meetings available during the month of September. Including September 2nd, September 6th, or September 16th. All meetings are the same choose 1 to attend. At our booth last Thursday you only got a taste of FBLA. But this meeting shall go even deeper into depth. What is FBLA? and What we do? So again please come join us.


Summer's Over !21 Aug 2016
The summer is coming to an end. This past Thursday it has gotten closer with Linn-Mar FBLA officers attending Freshman Orientation. It was a great turn out at Linn-Mar FBLA’s booth with an exuberant amount of incoming freshman. At Linn-Mar FBLA’s booth we had sign up, the official handbook, flyers, an informational video, and best of all candy.

Linn-Mar FBLA Officers Start The Year Off Great21 Aug 2016
Linn-mar FBLA officer kick off the year great. To start off Linn-Mar FBLA officers have their first meeting to plan their POW ( Program of Work ) for the year. Whats a little work with out no play? No fun that is what I say. So our officers participated in an Escape room at Outfox in Coralville.

The Officers include :
Lydia Anderson
Reshma Balakrishnan
Jonathan Wisner
Karalyn Recker
Kaush Gokul
Kevin Drahos
Mclay Lampe
Morgan Lu
Samyukta Karthik
Sanjana Addagarla
Cameron Kraklio
Isabelle Meis

For more information about FBLA activity and joining FBLA, please contact

We Made Our Mark On Nationals This Year21 Aug 2016
Linn-Mar ended Nationals with a bang. One of our very own Samantha Kragel taking 6th place in Nationals for Graphic Design. Hopefully everyone had a great summer but its come around that time a year again. When we actually have to get up at 8 or earlier for some people. Our next scheduled FBLA event will be our first general meeting on September 2nd.For more information about FBLA activity and joining FBLA, please contact

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September 6
General Mills Community Service:October 1
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